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Caddie Buddy Adds Up To More Enjoyment

Caddie Buddy golf mount adds up to more enjoyment on the golf course!  With golf mounts for SGX, Skycaddie, Sonocaddie and Garmin at only $19.95 you just can’t find a better product for such a great price.  Imagine the pleasure of not having to fiddle with your GPS.  It easily goes on an off with… read more

GPS Golf Mounting Problems, Get Caddie Buddy!

Caddie Buddy has solved many golfers problems with how to mount their GPS or SGX securely and that easily goes on and off.  You can order yours for only $19.95 at .  Join the many others that rave about how Caddie Buddy Golf Mount has made their golf game so  much more enjoyable and… read more

Golf Mount, Stable, Secure, Easy Mounting

Caddie Buddy Golf GPS Mount for push carts and electric golf carts is designed for handheld golf GPS units. It easily installs on either the handle bars of your push cart or on the vertical upright bar of most motorized golf carts. Caddie Buddy provides a stable, secure and easily accessible mounting solution for your… read more

Caddie Buddy-Proving Time & Time Again It’s The Best Golf Mount

Caddie Buddy proves it’s worth time and time again.  Our golf mount goes on and off easily and in seconds.  This is a big advantage for those who take their GPS and SGX to the ball to get a more accurate distance data.  At only $19.95 you just can’t afford to be without Caddie Buddy!… read more

Make The Most Of Your Golf Course With Caddie Buddy Golf Mount

Make the most out of your favorite golf course by using Caddie Buddy golf mount to house your GPS or SGX.  Technology can make even make our leisure time more enjoyable. These portable GPS units are helping Golfers all over the world make the most of their favorite courses.  Caddie Buddy is easy to use… read more

Advantages Of Caddie Buddy Golf Mount

Caddie Buddy GPS and SkyCaddie mount allows your device to be quickly attached and detached from a temporary cart mounted position for those that prefer to attach it to their cart rather than keeping it in their pocket or on a belt clip. Because of the rubber clamping pads on the caddie buddy it clamps… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount Always In Perfect Position

With the help of Caddie Buddy, SkyCaddie is always in perfect position for viewing, easy access and amazing accuracy.  If you haven’t had the advantage of using a golf cart or push cart mount for your GPS or SGX you don’t know what your missing!  Caddie Buddy is so easy to use and so beneficial,… read more