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Many Reasons To Get A Caddie Buddy Golf Mount

Caddie Buddy golf GPS mount has many advantages. It goes on and off easy and in seconds, it stays sturdy, you can use it if  your golf cart has a window, works on club carts and the new ezgo carts, it comes with a one year warranty and best of all it costs only $19.95.  You just… read more

Take Your Golf Game One Step Further, Caddie Buddy

 Caddie Buddy makes a world of difference and takes your golf game to the next level.  Take your gold game one step further and order Caddie Buddy for your GPS, SGX and Sonocaddie.  We make things better and easier!  Easy on and off in seconds!  Order at or call 970-227-8414 .… read more

iPad, Golf GPS And Boat Flag Mounts, Caddie Buddy

 Caddie Buddy has wide assortment of mounts available for great prices.  Mounts for your golf GPS, iPad, boat flag and Sonocaddie.   All our mounts are easy to use and extremely sturdy.  Caddie Buddy offers true versatility.  You’ll wonder what you did without it!  Order yours at or call 970-227-8414 .… read more

Caddie Buddy-Proving Time & Time Again It’s The Best Golf Mount

Caddie Buddy proves it’s worth time and time again.  Our golf mount goes on and off easily and in seconds.  This is a big advantage for those who take their GPS and SGX to the ball to get a more accurate distance data.  At only $19.95 you just can’t afford to be without Caddie Buddy!… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount Makes A Big Difference!!

Improve  your golf game by using a GPS and Caddie Buddy’s GPS golf mount!  Amazing what a little GPS can do for you and having the perfect mount makes all difference in the world.  Caddie Buddy mount for your GPS or SGX goes on and off so easy and in seconds and costs 1/2 as… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount On and Off In Seconds

Caddie Buddy is made from Stainless steel hardware that wont rust, mounts to your golf cart or push cart handle, get Caddie Buddy on and off in seconds, easily fits into your golf bag at the end of the day, quick release allows you to take GPS with you.  Don’t spend $50+ on the factory mounts -Order Caddie Buddy… read more

Golf Mount Great Christmas Present For Golf Lovers

 GPS, SGX and Sky Caddie mounts are all available at .  Our mount goes on an off with ease.  Make  your golf game a little easier with our mount.  It makes for a practical and affordable gift for every golf lover!  Order yours for Christmas now.  Please call with any question you may have at… read more

SGX Skycaddie Mount From Caddie Buddy

Caddie Buddy is the perfect choice for securing your Golf Course GPS receiver or SGX Skycaddie right where you need it. We have the perfect  mount for your golf cart or golf buggy. Using the belt clip button that is included with the purchase of the unit, you can quickly and easily clip your Golf Logix GPS into… read more