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Take Great Photos and Video with our iPad Tripod Mount!

Do you love taking pictures and video with your iPad? If it’s difficult for you to capture steady, quality footage, let us help. With our iPad tripod mount, you can be set up in seconds, taking professional-looking photos. Our mount screws easily into any standard photography tripod, making it easy to take stable, quality pictures!… read more

Help Your Kids Prepare for Next Season With Our iPad Mount

Spring has finally arrived, and for your family that might mean the beginning of another sports season. If your children play sports, you know the importance of practice and helping them improve their game, no matter what sport they play. One great way to help them improve is giving them video feedback of their swings,… read more

Perfect Your Golf Swing With An iPad Mount

One of the best ways you can perfect your golf swing is to record yourself doing it. By doing this, you’ll be able to get immediately feedback on your form and see where you need to adjust your stance, your club, and your arms. Thanks to the iPad, you can record yourself easily and playback… read more

Find The Right iPad Mount For Your Needs

Mobile devices were the hot gift this holiday season! If you were lucky enough to find an iPad with your name on it under the Christmas tree, you are probably busy finding all the new and exciting ways you can use it. And you may have discovered that you need a reliable way to hold… read more

The Perfect iPad Mount For Your Car

The upcoming holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year. Many families pile into the car and set out on a long road trip so they can spend the holidays with family and friends. Those car trips can last hours…and so can your kids’ complaining. Stop the backseat whining with our iPad mount… read more

The Chosen Golf Mount, Caddie Buddy

 Using a GPS unit while golfing gives you quick and accurate guidance from anywhere on the course. They can tell you the length of your last shot, the distance to and location of targets any hazards, distance to the back, front and middle of the green, and much more.  Another advantage is having an easy… read more

Keep Your Skycaddie Or GPS Safe & Secure, Caddie Buddy

Join the hundreds of others that are enjoying using Caddie Buddy!  Our golf mount will keep your Skycaddie or GPS safe, secure and out of the way.  No more carting the GPS in your pocket or having it lying loose in the golf cart.  Caddie Buddy sells for $19.95 not $49.95 like other mounts.  Visit… read more

Caddie Buddy’s iPad Mount, Got To Have It!

 Caddie Buddy is proud to introduce the iPad Mount!  So versatile, it goes everywhere you are.    You can connect it to the counter, table or any other surface.  You can also use it on top of any counter or in your lap.  Your iPad will hold steady where ever you put it.  Use it… read more