Take Great Photos and Video with our iPad Tripod Mount!

Do you love taking pictures and video with your iPad? If it’s difficult for you to capture steady, quality footage, let us help. With our iPad tripod mount, you can be set up in seconds, taking professional-looking photos. Our mount screws easily into any standard photography tripod, making it easy to take stable, quality pictures! There will be no more need to worry about blurry or fuzzy images.

The mount allows for the use of both the front and rear cameras on your iPad, and is designed to not obscure either lens. Your kit comes with a clamp and headrest strap, so no matter where you are, you can view your photos and videos with ease. If you’re sitting in your favorite recliner or viewing vacation photos while on the patio, your mount can stand on your lap or clamp to any tabletop surface. You can turn the mount to portrait or landscape orientation, depending on the optimal view for what you’re watching. The spring-loaded fingers hold your iPad tightly, so you won’t have to worry about it falling and becoming damaged.

If you love to cook and are always looking up recipes on your iPad, this tripod mount makes it easy to refer to the instructions while your iPad is securely clamped to the countertop. And once you’re done cooking, you can take a great-looking photo of your new delicious dish. The possibilities are endless! Our iPad tripod mount makes a great gift for that person on the go. Pick one up today and discover how valuable it can be!



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