Perfect Your Golf Swing With An iPad Mount

One of the best ways you can perfect your golf swing is to record yourself doing it. By doing this, you’ll be able to get immediately feedback on your form and see where you need to adjust your stance, your club, and your arms. Thanks to the iPad, you can record yourself easily and playback instantly. But it wasn’t a simple process, because you’d have to find a surface to set your iPad and try to prop it up to get the right angle. Even with a case you’d have difficulty finding the right angle to ensure you were getting the full view of your golf swing. And anyone who has used an iPad case can tell you that they aren’t fool proof, and often fall over right when you are relying on them most.

Thanks to our iPad mount, you won’t have to fiddle with a case or awkward filming. Just mount your iPad to a tripod and you’ll have an instant filming studio. Now you can set up your iPad to capture any angle of your golf swing, viewing yourself from the front, side, and behind. That’s 360 degrees of opportunity to achieve the perfect swing. Your buddies will be clamoring for you to record their swing, too, so they can see where they need to improve.

We have iPad mounts for all generations of iPads, and our mounts work with or without an iPad case. The clever design holds you iPad secure, and you won’t have to worry about the iPad being at risk of damage like you did when you used it to film before. Order your iPad tripod mount today and get ready for a summer of great golf games!

iPad Mount


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