Find The Right iPad Mount For Your Needs

Mobile devices were the hot gift this holiday season! If you were lucky enough to find an iPad with your name on it under the Christmas tree, you are probably busy finding all the new and exciting ways you can use it. And you may have discovered that you need a reliable way to hold your iPad steady. We have the iPad mount you need, no matter where you need it!

We have iPad mounts for almost any situation. Check out the selection in our online store. There are iPad mounts that work on car headrests, car dash, tripods, and even the wall. Using a mount, you’ll unlock more of the power of your iPad, including the amazing camera and video. Capture perfect moments with your iPad mounted to your tripod and then edit them together right on your iPad, or explore the plethora of photography apps that add excitement and fun to each picture you take.

Our iPad mounts range from $39.95 to $48.95, and we have them for nearly every model of iPad out there. Our mounts fit over your iPad’s case, too, so you won’t have to worry about removing it to insert it into the mount. Your iPad can stay safe in the case while you work!

Don’t forget to check out the other offerings on our website. We have equipment for boating, golfing, and the perfect mount for your camera. We’re dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products, because we only want to sell the best. Let us know how Caddie Buddy products are working for you!


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