Get Your Tripod mount for iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Mini and Air!

No matter what version of the iPad you have, we have the tripod mount for iPad that will work for you. Our tripod mount is made to make capturing memories on your iPad easier and look better. It’s easy to use, too! Simply install your iPad (with a case or without a case–either will work) into the holder, snapping the spring loaded corners into place. This will securely hold your iPad in place, in landscape or portrait mode. The goose-neck attachment on the back of the iPad allows you to hold your iPad steady while filming by hand, and it also has the standard attachment to screw onto any tripod. From there, you can securely and steadily film sporting events, product demonstrations, or anything else right on your iPad! We also include a clamp, so you can mount your iPad with the goose-neck attachment to your counter, desk, or table. That makes the possibilities nearly endless for great filming opportunities!

We have the tripod mount for any iPad, too, so whether you are using a first generation iPad or the latest Air version, you can find the mount that works with your iPad. Order your mount today and make filming on your iPad look better than ever. This is a great gift idea for the aspiring film maker on your shopping list, too!


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