Monthly Archives: October 2013

Take an iPad Mount To Your Sporting Events!

Caddie Buddy has a great selection of durable iPad mounts that are great for sporting events. Film your pitching, golf swings, or matches! You can get instant feedback with your cutting edge technology. Try it today!… read more

Improve Your Swing with an iPad Tripod Mount

Shop at Caddie Buddy for an iPad Tripod mount! Our tripod mount will help for all your hands-free video recording needs! For all sorts of sporting events, a tripod mount is an unparalleled accessory to have. Shop Caddie Buddy today!… read more

Be Hands-Free with a Tripod Mount for iPad

If you use your iPad for photo and video recording, a tripod mount for iPad would be perfect for you! Record games, athletic events and more, without all the shaky footage. This tripod mount will let you take videos you’ll keep for a lifetime!… read more

Capture Great Moments an iPad Mount

Use your iPad to it’s full potential with an iPad mount from Caddie Buddy! From a golf swing to a skiing wipe out, you can record it all. Our sturdy mounts are sure to please! Try one out today.… read more