Monthly Archives: August 2011

Caddie Buddy, Heads Above The Rest

Heads above the rest, Caddie Buddy tops them all!!! Caddie Buddy golf mount is so easy to use  you’ll marvel at it’s flexability.    You can attach your GPS or SGX  Skycaddie to your golf cart or push cart in seconds with our golf mount.  Don’t pay $50.00, ours is only $19.95 .  Order at… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount, A Sure Pleasure

Using a GPS and SGX sure helps to improve your golf game.  After using them you wonder how you ever played without one!  Mounting it to your push cart or golf cart is the icing on the cake!  Caddie Buddy golf mount is an asset for your golf game.  It easily goes on and off… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount Makes A Big Difference!!

Improve  your golf game by using a GPS and Caddie Buddy’s GPS golf mount!  Amazing what a little GPS can do for you and having the perfect mount makes all difference in the world.  Caddie Buddy mount for your GPS or SGX goes on and off so easy and in seconds and costs 1/2 as… read more