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For The Love Of Golfing, Caddie Buddy Golf Mount

For the love of Golfing!  Using a GPS or SGX makes golfing that much better and using a great golf mount goes without saying!  Caddie Buddy is the golf mount of choice for golfers.  It’s sturdy, it goes on and off in seconds and is by far the best value.  Caddie Buddy sells for only $19.95 instead… read more

Stable & Secure Solution For Your GPS

 The Caddie Buddy mount provides a stable & secure mounting solution for your GPS at an affordable price! Our mount can be used with SGX Sky Caddie or a GPS.  Learn more at and call 970-227-8414 with questions.  Brady make consistently solid contact on pitch and chip shots, position the ball in the middle of… read more

Advantage Of A GPS Golf Mount, Caddie Buddy

 Having a great T-off swing is an important part of golf.  Another advantage is using a GPS and having a golf mount for your GPS is just a “No Brainer”!  Caddie Buddy is an easy to attach golf mount for your golf cart or push cart.  So easy to use and so easy to get… read more