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Best Golf Mount Choice, Caddie Buddy

 Caddie Buddy golf mounts for SkyCaddie, GPS & SGX are by far the best choice for your golf cart or push cart. Utilize your GPS as much as you can.  Our golf mount goes on and off so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t order one sooner.  Order Caddie Buddy at and call 970-227-8414 with any questions… read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Mount Give You The Advantage

 Caddie Buddy Golf mount gives you the advantage over other golfers.  Clip your GPS or SGX on in minutes and your on your way.  There’s no other golf accessory you’ll love more!  Go to for more information and to order.  Please call 970-227-8414 with questions.… read more

Caddie Buddy Quality Golf Mount, Save $$$

 You can spend $50 on a Golf Mounts are for GPS and SGXor get a Caddie Buddy for $19.95 .  Our golf mount goes on easily and quickly and stays sturdy.  Join millions of satisfied users and order yours at  .  Just sit back and watch how much your golf game can improve!  Call 970-227-8414… read more

Golf Buddy Platinum, GPS, SGX Golf Mount

Caddie Buddy is designed to improve and simplify your golf game.  Simply attach Caddie Buddy to your golf cart or pull cart.   Removable Golf Cart mount for Golf Buddy Platinum, Tour and Pro GPS. Just slide your GPS into the mounting bracket and your done! (Latches in place so it won’t bounce out!).  Enjoy your golf game… read more