Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sky Caddie GPS Mount Advantages

Sky Caddie gps golf  mount has so many advantages. Rubber Clamping Pads won’t slip or fall off like the suction cups, easily mounts to your golf cart or push cart handle, simple, convenient,  affordable, Don’t spend $50+ on the factory mounts, no tools required get Caddie Buddy on and off in seconds, UV safe & durable product For long lasting… read more

Sky Caddie Mount for Golf SGX

Easily take your SGX to the tee box or into a “No Cart” area with just the press of a button. Small and light weight easily fits into your golf bag at the end of the day. Simple, convenient, affordable. Don’t spend $50+ on he factory mounts. Sky Caddie holder for SGX is only $19.95. For long lasting… read more

Caddie Buddy GPS Golf Mount Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from one of Caddie Buddies satisfied customers: “Just wanted to tell you how much I like the Caddie Buddy. It’s extremely well designed. It’s rugged yet easily adjustable. Most importantly, it’s flexible so it can pretty much attach anywhere you need it to. I really appreciate the ability to have my… read more