Monthly Archives: May 2010

Flag Buddy Mount for Boats

Getting ready for boating season! Don’t go out without our revolutionary flag buddy mount for your flag. Flag buddy mounts to your boat window or on the boats tower. It’s so easy to install and stays secure. In fact it’s makes things so easy to use the boat driver can easily run the flag. The… read more

Flag Buddy Mount for Boats

Flag Buddy Window Mount for boats: Do go out boating without one! Fits window frames from 5/8″ up to 1 1/4″ thick. No tools required, just slip over frame & tighten the thumb screw. Made of non-scratch material. Flag Included! Go to our website at and call us at 970-227-8414… read more

Caddie Buddy So Versatile

Caddie Buddy GPS mount is so versatile it works on push golf carts as well as electric golf carts and even on with golf carts with windows. Just roll up the window first and then attach Caddie Buddy. If you do it this way it won’t matter whether the window is up or down. See… read more