Monthly Archives: April 2010

Caddie Buddy GPS Mount

The Caddie Buddy will work with any GPS with a Belt Clip Button (The little round button on the back). Here is a list of the most popular GPS units that work with the Caddie Buddy. (Just make sure you still have the button): •Skycaddie SG5 •Skycaddie SG2.5 •Skycaddie SG3.5 •SkyCaddie SG4 & SG3 (Just… read more

Golf Buddie Mounts for Water Skiing and Golf GPS

At Caddie Buddy we specialize in mounts for your GPS for golf carts and water skiing flag holders. Our mounts works great with any GPS that has a belt clip. Caddie Buddy GPS mounts easily to your golf cart or push cart. No tools are required to install Caddie Buddy and you can get it… read more